This Is the Best Place to Retire in 2024, According to a New Report

"International Living" unveiled its 2024 Annual Global Retirement Index, which it describes as the "most comprehensive and in-depth survey of its kind". It is named — Costa Rica

If 2024 is your year for retirement, then one, congratulations, and two, we’ve got a destination for you to consider moving to in your golden years.

International Living unveiled its 2024 Annual Global Retirement Index, which it describes as the “most comprehensive and in-depth survey of its kind.” It compiles both survey data and real-life experiences from its scouts on what life is really like on the ground in the destinations it considers.

“We have our people out there pounding the pavement in attractive overseas communities we know you should consider. They’re reporting back to us with insights and information about what’s really going on,” International Living explained on its website about the index. “They’re not beholden to relocation service providers or real estate agents or tourism boards or economic development organizations. They work for you.”

After taking in all the advice from its advisors, looking at the cost of living and housing, availability of visas, climate, and healthcare, International Living named Costa Rica — which just so happens to be Travel + Leisure’s Destination of the Year — it’s number one place for retirement in 2024.

“That pura vida vibe makes Costa Rica the perfect home away from home. Maybe it’s the pristine tropical beaches, the eternal spring-like weather in the Central Valley, the fact it (Nicoya to be exact) is home to one of the world’s Blue Zones, the volcanic energy coursing through its ground, the rich biodiversity of its flora and fauna, the stunning turquoise waterfalls, or that Costa Rica has been ranked as one of the happiest countries”.

International Living wrote.

While the nation, of course, scored high marks for its fantastic climate, it also earned the No. 1 spot thanks to two healthcare systems within Costa Rica, one public and one private, both available to legal residents.

Joining Costa Rica in the top 10 places to retire in the 2024 list is Portugal in the No. 2 spot, which has appeared on several “best” retirement destinations of late thanks to its healthcare system, accessibility of visas, and mild winters. Following Portugal is Mexico in the third spot thanks to its relatively low cost of living, and Panama at No. 4 for its climate, healthcare, and low tax rates. And rounding out the top five places to retire in Spain for its attractive visas, temperate climate, and its plethora of cultural attractions.

Source: Travel + Leisure